Biography and Introduction of Tartary

Walter De La Mare (Born April 25, 1873, charltron, Kent Eng. – died June 22, 1956, Twickenham, Middlesex) was a British poet and novelist. He was of French Huguenot descent. He was educated in London and worked for the standard Oil Co. In the date of 1890s – 1908s before turning to writing, initially under the pseudonym Walter Ramal. He wrote for both adults and children. His collection come hither (1923) was especially praised. Memoirs of a Midget (1921) was his best-known novel. Walter De La Mare collected all stories for the children appeared in 1947.


This poem of is about an imaginative land he poet imagines himself to be the master of that glorious wonderland called “Tratary”. In this way he tries to satisfy his unfulfield desires in real life. The poem is a journey into the realm of imagination. The land of “Tartary ” has been painted as a very far-off, chambering and ideal place.

It is beautiful, Rich and fertile land full of unseen and unheard delights.

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