Mastering Blooket Join:Complete Guide for Players and teachers


Blooket Join is a great feature for teachers to create custom game links. Students can instantly join the teacher’s tailored Blooket game lobby. This comprehensive guide explains how to fully maximize the potential of Blooket Join for both players and teachers.

Blooket Join

Blooket Join allows teachers to generate unique links that lead directly to specific game lobbies they have customized. This gives educators much more granular control over the learning experience compared to having students search for public lobbies.


The Blooket Join links can be shared with students through classroom streams, codes, or direct links. Teachers also have the option to add passwords to lobbies for an extra layer of access control. Overall, Blooket Join makes it far easier for students to instantly access the right games.

The Many Benefits of Joining Blooket

Utilizing the feature provides a wide range of advantages for both teachers and students. Here is a closer look at the key benefits:


For Teachers

  • Organize Students – Join links allow teachers to set up multiple lobbies to separate students into different class periods, small groups, teams, or skill levels.


  • Control Access – Adding passwords to lobbies prevents random outside players from being able to join students’ private games.


  • Monitor Gameplay – The Blooket teacher dashboard offers live oversight over games in progress, from overall class question performance down to the leaderboard.


  • Simplify Game Access – Rather than dictating a precise game name for students to search and join, Blooket Join links allow near-instant access.


For Students

  • Easy Access to Assigned Games – With just one click on the join link provided by their teacher, students can directly enter the tailored Blooket game lobby.


  • Relevant, Well-Tailored Experience -This allows teachers to set up games that closely match current lessons and learning objectives, keeping the experience focused.
  • Organized Gameplay – Join links automatically group students into the intended class or team lobbies for a more coordinated experience compared to public games.


  • Fair Competition – When gameplay is limited to classmates, competition is kept fair and level. Public lobbies can often contain players of vastly different ages and abilities.


  • Curated Content – The Blooket game content is carefully chosen by teachers from the available question sets to be relevant to what students are currently covering in class.

Best Practices for Teachers Using Blooket Join

To fully maximize the potential of Blooket Join in the classroom, here are some top tips for teachers:


  • Match Games to Current Lessons – Tailor the game mode, question sets, time limits, and settings to complement the specific curriculum standards and lessons your students are currently covering.


  • Monitor Student Progress – Use the live game overview and detailed class breakdown analytics within the Blooket teacher dashboard to closely track student performance and engagement.


  • Set Short Time Limits – Limiting the time per round or overall game session helps maintain student focus and energy in short productive bursts.


  • Use Passwords Wisely – Passwords prevent your students’ lobbies from being disrupted by random players while still allowing some flexibility in access.


  • Change Things Up Frequently – Rotate through different game modes, topics, settings, and passwords regularly to keep the Blooket experience exciting and fresh.


Both players and educators can maximize the potential of Blooket Join by following the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide. With custom lobbies and links, Blooket delivers an optimal, exciting learning experience that makes education fun

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