Popularity Of Imran Khan : As a Great Leader For Pakistan In World


Imran Khan was born into an upper class family in Lahore. He belongs to “Niazi” tribe, That’s why he is called “Imran Khan Niazi ”. And went to an Elite high school. The former cricket star turned prime minister during the political storm in Pakistan. He studied at Oxford university in England. But it was his cricketing career that made him into a superstar. In 1992, he led Pakistan to it’s first and only World Cup victory, and then retired from the sport. In the early ‘19s he was hanging out with rock stars. And royality, and married a British aristocrat. But he was also into charity work. He raised money to open a cancer hospital in Lahore (shaukat khanum hospital) in memory of his mother. 

Shaukat Khanum Hospital: Transforming Cancer Care in Pakistan and Navigating Healthcare Challenges.

In 1996 Imran Khan launched his own political party(Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) which means movement for justice. He styled himself as an outsider on an anti-corruption mission. But his political career didn’t really take of until 2011. That’s when he held two rallies, in Lahore and Karachi Tens of thousands of people showed up. He was promising to bring a new kind of politics to Pakistan. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Imran Khan, the 1992 world cup that Pakistan won. At that time, Imran Khan was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. People are also very much fans of Imran Khan’s fitness. He was kicked out of office last year, is now facing hundreds legal cases and was briefly arrested in May. It led to huge protests and violence. IMRAN khan says he’s the victim of a conspiracy to force him out of politics for good. People of Pakistan are divided over Imran khan. His supporters see him as the only hope for the country. While his opponents accuse him of spreading lies and fuelling a toxic style of politics. Imran Khan Niazi Become prime minister of Pakistan in 2018.


2018 General Election Of Pakistan Results Of Total Votes Polled

Party Name  Party Chairman Name Results of 2013 General Election  Results of 2018 General Election 
PTI Imran Khan Niazi  7.6 Million  16.8Million 
PMLN Namaz Sharif 14.8 Million  12.89 Million 
PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari 6.91 Million  6.9 Million 
Independents               _ 5.8 Million  6 Million 
MMA Fazal-ur-Rehman JUIF: 1.4 million + JI: 960,000 2.5 Million 
TLP Saad Hussain Rizvi                _ 2.2 Million 


Imran Khan’s voters and fans are increasing with time. If Imran Khan participates in the 24th election, then according to the Businesstotalk.com survey, Imran Khan will get 95% of the votes.

Imran Khan’s lecture

  • Successful people are Fearless, they fight their fears, they are not scared of failures, they do not care what people say, because people change what they think all the time, Don’t allow your life to be driven by what people say, Go by what your objectives are what your passions are what your ideals are, and never downgrade your ideals at moment of weakness, when you have suffered  a setback, that really is a time  to reflect, why you suffered a setback, and correct the mistake and keep going towards that ideals, because its not defeat that destroys you, its being demoralised by defeat that destroys you, as long as you keep learning from defeat, you will always keep coming back and get stronger all the time.

  • Imran Khan says watch the Ertugrul Ghazi series and change yourself accordingly.

  • The fight in the mind is not physical, it’s in the mind, as long as the mind refuses to accept the defeat, each setback will give you an opportunity to analyse yourself. Where did I go wrong? It’s an opportunity to remember crises and an opportunity to evaluate yourself. Where did I go wrong? Correct that, pick yourself up, you again move on,and you will find that you will get stronger. Each time you pick yourself up, you come back stronger. This is what a human being is. The almighty made us  أشرف المخلوقات we are his  greatest creature.          

  • No human being can humiliate another human being by speaking ill of him because honor is in the hands of Allah. Most people fear death. Life and death are in the hands of Allah. A coward is a person who does not have faith. This is the sign of a believer. It has no value. No one can buy his conscience. No one can scare him.

  • A well-educated person is not successful. A successful person is one who dreams big.

  • If the leader of an army of lions is a jackal, it is an army of jackals. And if the leader of an army of jackals is a lion, it becomes an army of lions.

Imran khan on TikTOK

When Imran Khan Niazi created an account on TikTok, he got 5.2 million followers in just 4 days. Imran Khan has set a world record for getting the fastest number of followers on TikTok. Imran Khan thanked his fans for their support. TikTok has offered Imran Khan $4600 a day if he uploads a daily video.

Absolutely not

When the US reporter asked Imran Khan whether he would give his army to the US against Afghanistan, Imran khan said “Absolutely Not”. Because Imran Khan wanted Pakistan’s army not to participate in someone else’s war and our soldiers should not shed their blood in someone else’s war. The US was very angry about this, so they tried to remove Imran Khan as the Prime Minister. Imran khan said If we have only one option, we will support Afghanistan, Because we are Muslim. But Imran khan has a friendly relationship with US prime minister “Donald trump” and with all afghan.

Tragedy of 9 may

When Imran Khan was arrested, people came out on the streets to protest. And some people went to police stations and government offices and ransacked there. Actually it was a military plan against PTI, to trap people, to harass people, many secret Pakistani agencies worked. There was no police in the police stations, the agencies themselves were vandalizing. Many workers of PTI were arrested by the police, whether they vandalized or not, the names of those people were also included in these cases, who did not support Khan, nor did they vandalize and despite That they were not in protest. The purpose of this plan was to scare people. And when the police failed to arrest the workers, they planned to drop the case of the person who vowe to vote for the PPP(N) in the 2024 elections

When Imran Khan was arrested, people came out on the streets to protest. And some people went to police stations and government offices and ransacked there. Several PTI workers were arrested by the police, the cases also include those who only supported Khan, did not vandalize and did not join the protest. The names of those who took an oath to vote for the Non-League in the 2024 elections were dropped from the case.

Two Power Parties And Families That Against Imran Khan Niazi 

Now until Imran Khan become on the scene, Pakistani politics was dominated by two parties, and two families. 

The Bhutto family, which is linked to the PPP,

The sharif family, which linked to the PML(N)

For years two sides have been alternating in power, a pattern that Khan was determined to break. 

Now, Here Is Another Layer In Pakistan’s Politics That You Need to Know About, And That’s The Military.

Since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, there have been several military coups, and Generals have ruled directly for 33 years in total.  And seven years letter that message held him get elected as a prime minister. 

So in 2018 Imran Khan was elected prime minister. It was actually a pretty contentious election, and his political opponents saw him as a fraud. But Imran khan was popular. And for a lot of people, it is like a fresh start. Remember, his big thing was tackling corruption, something he said at the root of most of Pakistan’s problems. So he went on a massive anti-corruption drive. Many politicians and government officials was arrested. Imran khan’s supporters approved, but his critics said it was one-sided, that he was only targeting his political opponents, though Imran khan’s denies that. Another criticism was that Imran khan’s approach created a kind of vindictive and divisive political atmosphere. 

Economy During Imran Khan Government 

Now, the economy was a big issue when Imran Khan Niazi was prime minister. He inherited a lot of problems, including a major debt crisis. And he deals with COVID, too. But the bottom line was that living conditions for most Inflation soared and the value of the currency fell. Some Pakistanis didn’t want himself under Imran khan.

How Did Imran Khan’s Relationship Break Up?

Now it is difficult to know how Imran khan’s relationship broke down. But a few years after Imran khan became the prime minister, tensions arose. It seems the army was not happy with the way things were looking. The economy was in bad shape, and on foreign policy, Khan seemed to be on his way with a more anti-Western outlook. There were also reportedly disagreements over the intelligence chief, who, according to military policy, was due to take up his post after three years, but Khan wanted him to stay. Everything was going well till 2022. The PDM passed a no-confidence vote in Parliament. Imran khan lost. And in his place Shahbaz Sharif became the Prime Minister. And Shahbaz Sharif replaced him as prime minister.

So, what happened in a sense then?

When, Imran khan’s been fighting back against what he says was a conspiracy to remove him from power. He’s held huge Rallies all across Pakistan. 

And one of them, he was shot in the leg, and he says it was an assassination attempt.

Imran khan Calling For A General Election.

Now Imran khan is calling for a general election, and under the constitution, he has to happened by October, at the latest. But Imran Khan says his opponents are using a mountain of legal cases, more than 100, to try to exclude him from running. They include all sorts of allegations. From corruption to terrorism, even attempted murder.

It all got pretty dramatic in May, when Imran Khan was arrested in connection with one of the cases. And since that violence, thousands of people linked to the Imran khan party have been detained, including senior leaders. To his supporters, imran khan is the ultimate political victim. And everything that’s happened in the last year or so has actually boosted his popularity.

                   So, Imran khan is as popular as he’s ever been, and disillusionment with the current government of Shahbaz Sharif probably has something to do with that. Probably has something to do with that. There is a full-blown economic crisis. Pakistan is running out of foreign currency, and could soon default on its debts, if it cannot secure more loans. And millions of people are still dealing with the aftermath of this year’s floods that left a third of the country underwater.

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